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This is turning into an entirely seperate project now...

As it stands now, the LMA would go off when no incoming receiver signal is detected, so it would only be pulsing when you have the tx off. If you fly another plane on the same frequency and the downed plane detects the signal, it will turn off. I will try to figure out some other ways of doing it.....there has to be something that is better!

As for the radio beacon, that can be done! The receiver is the hard part, there are already 2M radio telemetry transmitters out there to do the job that can run off of their own batteries. We could set up a PIC to send the telemetry transmitter different "status" signals. A solid tone could signal that a radio signal is being detected (everything OK), and the transmitter is being powered by the plane's battery, then a constant beep--beep--beep tone when the radio signal is lost and the transmitter is being powered by it's own batteries. The beeping tone would save energy, and the seperate battery would enable the beacon to work even if the planes pack is ejected from the aircraft in the crash (we all know that happens alot too ).

This all brings me to thinking we can have an active altitude/amp/volt/speed/temperature/rpm downlink! We can encode the info with the PIC, send it to the transmitter to be transmitted. The radio receiver on the ground (a scanner) can be wired to another PIC and an LCD display to show the user the info that the airborne (or crashed) PIC is sending it. Would that be cool or what? Now I am thinking......

We can do it guys! That would be so cool!!!

I'll be back in a minute...I am going to find the website with the transmitter I have in mind..if I recall it is around $30 or so, a SMT kit (easy to assemble 805 or 1206 parts too!)

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