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Originally Posted by Paul@SCC View Post
Do you have on board footage?
I will have more this weekend, but here is some from a recent test flight, using the pre-production gimbal and isolation setup:

F450 GoPro Gimbal Test-05.mp4 (2 min 26 sec)

After this flight, I tweaked the roll gimbal gains a bit more, to eliminate that last bit of movement, evident in the video for sudden changes. It was quite breezy, and this was with a Naza, so I had to fly it into the wind, to hold position. If my piloting skills were a bit better, I wouldn't have needed to yank it around so much.

Since this video was taken, Andrey made a few more tweaks to the design, and he included updated parts for my current gimbal that brings it up to the "production" configuration. I will be doing more test videos with these changes this weekend, along with new F550/LG/NEX setup.

The roll axis servo/belt drive mechanism, and the battery plate are common across all three variants. The difference between the GoPro and NEX/GH-2/550D versions is the yoke assembly. The difference between the F450 quad and F550 hex versions is that the latter includes an integrated set of landing gear.

-- Gary
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