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Last statement is bold in first post

Please put any discussion and comments here in this thread not the reference site. A reference thread is only useful if it is easy to find things and comments and discussion make that impossible.
Perhaps it should be clearly stated that only discussions of this new rating system merits to be discussed and / or only your experience with such ratings.

Honestly I am not sure I even fully understand myself.

From the other thread
The Performance Calculation Tool has been demonstrated to be valid if the cell IR is measured:

1) After 1 hour minimum rest to stabilize charge and pack temperature (or at 1C max charge rate if using FMA charger).

2) At measurement temperature of 72F (22C).

3) Using a reliable IR measurement method. The ESR/IR meter was used for the verification of the method, and it has also been checked with an iCharger 3010B, 306B, and FMA Powerlab PL8.

Which to me sounds like ,we know this works great and our 12C obtained by our means rating of a vendors 40C LiPoly is correct and we just want you to confirm our findings.

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