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Which illustrates the problem exactly.

If I was to short circuit one of these small cells and measure the current pulse on an oscilloscope I bet I would see a peak pulse of 43Amps or so.

In that sense the manufacturer can claim a "true C" of 100C "for the minimum amount of time" and is not technically lying. It is of no use whatsoever to the modeler wanting to use it for practical flight. Nitro, I assume you didn't buy one of these, not really because of the shipping costs, but because you know from your extensive experience the "100C" claim is nonsense.

Thanks for your previous post. It would be nice if we could get some input from anyone who has tried the calculated C values against their practical flying experience rather than get diverted by armchair arguments.

Originally Posted by NitroCharged View Post
Here's another brand that would confuse, excite or mislead the average user. are now advertising their new lipo's as "true 100C' and 'true 150C' rating. I emailed them and ask if it referred to constant current or burst current. They replied its burst current for the minimum amount of time.
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