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Received my nFR24L01+ module from China.

Hooked it up to the breadboard with the arduino programmed with the revision just before the latest one.

The neTX would switch from BIND led lit to PPM ok but the SoloPro wouldn't respond to commands (led flashing).

Changed channel order, because I had forgot that TH9x is Futaba channel order, but nothing same behavior...

I thought it was the new nRF module, so I programed the arduino with the "Poor Man's 2.4 GHz Scanner" to test the nRF module, and it was working as expected.

Programed again with the last revision of neTX this time, added button, and led for TX_COPY.

Tried to bind, finally the led on the SoloPro became solid but once again no response from the helicopter...and bind led on the neTX still lit, no PPM led...

Cycled the power of the TH9x and voila...

Now at least on the bench the SP responds well to all the stick movements from the TX.

Since I destroyed my rtf TX in the process, I was begining to worry that I would have to buy another one.

For those who will make this journey, don't harvest your module from your rtf TX, to much trouble and you risk destroying it with to much heat like I did, if your not so skilled with a the solder iron.

Buy this one (from eBay or elsewhere) :

It works like a charm.

Now pcb etching to complete this and fly .

I learned a lot doing this and it was fun (not destroying my harvested module tough), thank you again Kile.
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