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....I nearly lost the last bit of sanity I still had. Just as a hint what I mean: I wrote I "lowered chassis weight by 10%" in a earlier post......thats a insane 23g less *ROFL* the ESC and Receiver are placed so, that I dont need any extensions and the wires to the LIPO and Motor are as short as possible.... I hope I thought of everything I even tried to reduce the use of Cable-Zip-Ties to ZERO (HEY!!! A ZIP-TIE WEIGHS 0.18grams SO DONT LAUGH). All I will need to keep everything in place is a square inch of double sided tape (thats 0.9grams).....or for example not one measurement in the whole bike equals "13,0mm".
....oh and did I mention that I had a pastor, a celtic witch, a pixie and a voodo priest approve every decision that had to be done. A elf had to switch on my workstation in the morning, a virgin brought me my coffee and after a days work 7 dwarfs cleard away the dead chickens that had to be sacrificed if I wasnt sure what to do.....
I posted this after I finished the 2011 a while ago... people thought I was joking...
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