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It's your call whether your preference is Red F or Red C or both.

Perhaps, you believe there may be a significant IR temp difference between a charge rate of 1/2C and 5C or you wouldn't have so posted. Your earlier posting query had to do with the IR during the SOC. I assumed your earlier post concern had more to do with IR during charging. So, being that you are now adding temperature into the equation during SOC you must feel it is an important factor worth considering in this thread. Where you live it can get uncomfortably warm so that may figure into the amount of IR when charging outside at a field. You, jj604, Wayne are certainly qualified to provide your expertise on this thread as to any significance that temperature plays (being you may believe that is a factor that needs to be considered) when charging at a higher charge rate under significant changes in temperature as well as flying.

Most average modellers are possibly aware that IR temp at a charge rate of 1/2C is lower than a charge rate of 5C.

Average modellers might all agree that there are slight cell IR differences and that is perhaps the primary reason why you and others don't balance charge until approx 90% into the SOC (on avg 4.1v per cell).
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