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The first time, I have about 1mm, and with half flap, which seems to fly just fine, didn't notice much difference when flying only with half flap. (I'm flying circles with flap and aileron reflex deployed all time just to test) Second time, increase reflex to 2-3mm, with half flap, This time, notice the nose rised up a little while flying straight, which is cool. In the up wind bank turn, plane becomes unstable, but once it goes straight, it resume normal (I have 3/4 throttle), on the final landing turn, I reduced the throttle to 1/2, the speed seems OK to me, probably because it's down wind, tip stall happened on the lower wing during the bank, plane went into death spiral...not able to recovery. I had 10 successful flight without aileron reflex and 1 successful flight with minimal reflex, and I was landing at the same way on the 12th flight as I landed in the previous 11, so I'm pretty convinced that too much aileron reflex caused the plane to slow down too much, and very likey caused the tip stall on the lower wing during bank turn.
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