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Thanks, Harry. Good point. I will update in the text and temperature graph. I normally avoid special symbols in emails and the like because of the dumbing down that occurs at some gateways and the habit took over!
UPDATE: The ALTnnnn method doesn't work in the thread for two different keyboards for me. It changes windows and the like. You can get around it by creating the degree symbol in Wordpad with ALT0176 then pasting it in wherever you need it.

Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
If I may be permitted to nitpick a bit: it would be a Good Thing to distinguish between C (the temperature) and C (the battery parameter). It can get a bit confusing to see things like "25C at 14C".

For those who may not know, to enter the degree symbol (), hold down the <ALT> key and type 0176 on the numeric keypad.

So we get: 25C at 14C. Or is it 25C at 14C?

I'm following all this good stuff with interest. Thanks, guys. I hope to be able to make some kind of useful contribution, in due course.
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