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My SS was the first model I tried the minwax polycrylic with, and the results were impressive. I am currently working oin my fleet if aircraft, modding as neccessary, repairing what needs it, and something I have never done before, modding a brand new, never flown pnp Hobby King foamie. It has one servo that actuates the ailerons, but I wanted to utilize my transmitters "flaperons" function (another first for me) so I installed servos side by side in th center of the wing, each running one aileron/flap, and proceeded to figure out how to make them work properly. Once onfigured, it works well. I am liking my Walkera 2801 pro more and more, especially for the cheap price! The real downside to this radio is the "chingrish" instructions making it hard to interpret at times. I am using digital henge 922 metal geared servos, which I got from my helicopter days, they are durable, fast, and inexpensive. I will probably use the flaperons feature in my C-47 whenever I can get that in the air!! Should help on the takeoff's, I would think...As always, if you have any tips, I am wide open to them. My Pico cub is certainly still over powered, as I can do many things it was never designed to do! LOT of fun. ------Metalguy
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