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[QUOTE=valiantGLX;20512418][QUOTE=North_of_49;20496356]I'm pretty much done the mod. I'll put some pics up here soon... instead of making a new post I'll just edit this one and add the pics here. In the meantime, here's a vid...

I am actually really impressed, fantastic work. What did you use to cover the tail boom?? I am interested in doing this myself, minus the tail light (it does look great though), the thicker white boom looks alot more scale.
It's just white heat shrink that I didn't even shrink (this particular size, which I think is 1/8" EDIT: 1/16", 1/8 before shrunk), fits nice and snug over the boom/wires while retaining its round shape) ... then I slid a slightly larger but snug reddish orange piece over it because I liked the look of it when I had done a quick test with some black heat shrink over the boom so I kept it. It also serves the purpose of a place to mount a weight I might put on in the future, the orange piece is snug but it will slide up and down the boom if you push it hard enough (I added the 2 o-rings not knowing what type of weight I might want to use and thought they might come in handy depending what I decide to do, they can easily be snipped off if I don't use them but I can't actually put them "on" after the fact). And, just for aesthetics, they just look neat when placed at either end of the orange piece, especially when the orange piece is sitting in the middle of the boom

I'll put some pics up after I do a repair on the white LED, in my haste to get this thing flying again I was doing flights around the house before reinforcing the mounting of it on the stabilizer with some Shoe Goo and broke one of the (very tiny) solder joints to the wire in a crash, which I need to fix... and then reinforce!

... my wires going onto the canopy LED boards are treated this way at their attachment point (I learned early on during my proof of concept just from handing the harness why I need to do this ... and you don't want to have to be re-soldering any wires on those little boards because unless you are quick the heat will dislodge the surface mount LED and with the type they used there's pretty much no way to solder it back on, it's too tiny to work with and any direct heat will burn it up... and that's if you don't lose it in the first place... which you will). Moral of the story is, if you need to lengthen any of the harness's wires, although you can get a "cleaner" look if you replace certain wires with longer ones and solder directly to the LED boards... don't do it! ... just splice in some more wire in the middle of an existing one.

I mentioned earlier, I bought a black plastic antenna tube (cheap!) that would have worked great over the boom if it didn't have a LED... it fit just perfect over the boom with almost no play, but it didn't have enough internal room for the wires... I tried to ream it out but it was too difficult... you mentioned you don't even want the rear LED so that would probably work perfect for you, it only cost me a dollar or two. And for a metallic look, I also had a piece of 1/8" thin aluminum tubing (from LHS) that would have worked just as good as the heat shrink with room for the wires but I wanted the flat white of the heat shrink. If I wasn't running a rear LED I could have gotten it in a size with the same internal diameter as the antenna tube.

Oh yeah, the tail wires plug in inside the nose of the canopy just in front of and at the bottom of the 5-in-1 using one of the ultra micro extenders with the type of connection that plugs into the 1S lipos... that's what's running down the boom to the stabilizer.
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