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Holy crap this is so far off topic that it is silly. Toysrme, take your reaction discussion elsewhere, we are all adults and can do our own calculations on what our reactions times are. Lets be real, no one is doing 3D smackdown via FPV with a helicopter. That is a game of milliseconds. Flying your easystar is not.

I've got a question for you, fpvkiwi, I'd like to use your product (or something similar) to have to TX units getting mixed into one TSLRS transmitter that can be decoded by one TSLRS long range RX for the full 12 channels. I would imagine having the two TXes going out via the buddy ports or through module ports on futaba radios and peeling out the needed channels from each to be mixed into the one 12 channel PPM stream. Is this crazy talk or can your product do that? The idea would be one pilot with flight controls and a secondary "co-pilot" who would be using their sticks to move a camera gimble around. I don't want to hack into the transmitter itself.

Thanks man!
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