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Yup. We hear ya feathermerchant.
For field use it would be best to leave the fans alone.
These things can go through a beating out there.

Cougar Zeke is interested in making the JD200 his home charger and has a 1300w DL580 Proliant for the field.

The JD200 is about the size of an 18 pack of beer. It's huge.
After drinking all that beer to cool myself down, the JD200 could fit snugly inside the now empty beer case to help isolate it when running them in series.
I wouldn't want to take it out to the field.
Fortunately though, it also has alot of open space inside which allows
the fans to work very efficiently. It's very good for running quietly at home.

The KD175 is a close second when it comes to open internal space.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the power density(Watts/cubic inch) a PS has, the more it will need to be fan cooled.
The lower the power density the less fan cooling.

Some high power density PSUs:

DL580 G3 1300w: Hyper black hole fans
IBM DPS-2000BB A 2000w: So small fans can't fit inside. Needs alot of cooling.
IBM xSeries x336 585w: Internal copper heat sinks need high CFM fan to get rid of the heat that the copper holds on to.

Some low power density PSUs:

Dell PE 6800 JD200 and KD175: can be modified safely because it's HUGE!!
Dell PE 6650: large and very quiet
Compaq HP ESP114 :medium to large and very quiet
Dell NPS-730AB :quiet

The fans on the very compact PSUs shouldn't be messed with to much.

As feathermerchant says,

"Especially if you are taking these to the field, it may be hot in the summer and you run the risk of destroying your power supply."
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