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List of problematic cards. Class 6 and 10 only

11 October 2012

These card issues should be solved with firmware v0.49.

The following card problems only apply to firmware v0.41 and below
Currently there is a compatibility issue with certain high class rating (Class 6 and Class 10) cards. The symptom is an early cutoff at about 15-60 seconds.
The card will suddenly stop recording and remain in an undefined state. It may not even be recognized by the camera any longer.
The camera does not have any problem with slower class ratings, *so I suggest you use class 4 certified cards until this issue is resolved, but please read "Bad cards" at the end of this posting before buying.
*There is one exception to this rule. The Sandisk 16GB class 4 has also been reported as not being recognized by the camera. Do not use this card, your camera may not perform as expected and it may not even turn on.

The camera's LED may also not function correctly when in-camera formatting these problematic cards, but the formatting will be done correctly. Allow 10 seconds if there is no visual indication when the formatting is finished.

Who else has similar problems with cards not listed? Please post so I can keep this list updated and warn others.
I will only list the first person who reports the problem for a specific card, otherwise this list will be too long. I'll try and keep this post updated.

I have had reports that the AVI firmware may work with some of the problematic cards listed, so it may be worth trying. However, you should be warned that the AVI output is non-standard. The AVI files are fine for viewing, but not for editing.

There is absolutely no advantage in using higher class-rating cards but only disadvantages. Class 4 cards are easily fast enough for these cameras.
It is a myth that you will have less dropped frames if you use a faster card with this camera!

These cards will most probably not work in the #16 with firmware 0.18:

4GB Capacity
Silicon Power 4GB Class 10

8GB Capacity
HP 8GB class 10
Kingston 8GB Class 10 - But successful here and here.
PNY 8 GB Class 10 - In camera formatting not possible with this card

16GB Capacity
Kingston 16 GB Class 10
Mustang 16GB Class 10
Samsung 16GB Class 6
Samsung 16GB Class 10 but works here.
Sandisk 16GB Class 4 cards - See comments above/below - do not use
Transcend 16GB Class 6
Traxdata 16GB Class 6

32GB Capacity
Kingston 32GB Class 10
Lexar 32GB Class 10
PNY 32GB Class 10

Bad cards.
Three users (FIVE cards) (here, here and here) have reported problems with Sandisk 16GB Class 4 cards. This is the only Class 4 card with known problems. The camera most probably has nothing to do with the problem, but these cards suddenly flip to write-protect and thus become unusable. There is no way you can format or use these cards once they become write protected. Your only hope is to exchange them on warranty.

*Caution. It has also been reported the Sandisk 32GB class 6 cards may also flip to read-only if the battery becomes depleted during recording. I use these cards a lot, and to date have never had any problems.

These cards have been said to work, but no guarantee they will work in your camera

4GB Capacity
Centon 4GB Class 6
FujiFilm 4GB Class 6
Kingston 4GB Class 6
Samsung 4GB Class 6
Transcend 4GB Class 6

8GB Capacity
Adata 8GB Class 6 (PM)
Samsung 8GB Class 10
Transcend 8GB Class 6
Transcend 8GB Class 10
NoName 8GB Class 10 (yes, the card is unmarked, it has no brand name!)

16GB Capacity
AmazonBasics 16GB Class 10
HP 16GB Class 10
Patriot 16GB Class 10
Transcend 16GB Class 10

32GB Capacity
Samsung Essential 32GB Class 10
Sandisk 32GB Ultra (Class 6) but see *Caution above
Transcend 32GB Class 10

64GB Capacity (in-camera formatted to FAT32)
Sandisk 64GB Mobile Ultra XC1 (Class 6) but see *Caution above
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