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Originally Posted by garris2 View Post
That 28ms, is that noticble in any way, flight, pan/tilting, FPV landing etc?
The lag comes from Wizard generating 28ms long PPM frames independently of the incoming PPM from the Tx. In the best case an incoming update comes just before generating that output channel, for just a few ms of added lag. In the worst case, the outgoing channel was sent just before an incoming update, leading to Wizard relaying that channel with the next output one 28ms frame later. This relative timing between Wizard input and output changes since the frame lengths are not exactly the same.

So the added lag continuously varies in the range 2-30ms. There are other sources of lag too in the system (Tx encoding, radio link, servo speed). This part alone shouldn't matter for regular flying.

For comparison, human reaction time in RC can come down to 100-150 ms (Source: Toysrme)
For comparison, human reaction time to visual stimulus is about 190ms. (Source: Wikipedia)
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