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Nadine This link shows a vid of an HQ wing working real well, Its one of the best I have seen using a HQ kite
This one is using weight shift for turns , not brakes .
Weight shift is a milder form of turning than using brakes on small RC PPG flying.
I think a lot of pilots are having a hard time learning to fly because the brakes are to agressive on small PPGs . They should be learning using weight shift, then add brakes if they wanted to, once they get the feel for it .

MY HK wing was a bad one that was Sewn crooked with several flaws , Gave it to the kids to fly it as kite now . It never passed the ground Kiting test good enough to be usefull in RC . I guess some wings are Good from HK And Some are junk even after the "riser mod' they talk about on the HK forum.

I have a 4 meter power kite I use for kiting parctice in strong winds AS a mini paraglider with me conected to the wing by a harness. It works just like a full scale paraglider. It Flys directly over my head . Its safe because I cant get blown away in high winds like a full scale paraglider would do in high winds.
So this is the test to know if your wing will work, Kite it directly over head with short lines of 3 to 4 meters in good straight line winds . If it falls back and not directly over head, the leading edge lines need to be shortened to decrease the angle of attack. If it Over flys you and collapses , the trailing edge lines need to be shortened to increase the AoA . On a Little wing, these line adjustments need to be in 2 or 3 mm at a time. A little goes a long way . Make some of these It will make line adjustment easy and accurate, just wrap your line in it .
Also , these adjusters can be used to cancel out torque steer .
This is when the prop torque wants to twist the trike frame in roll and pulls on one riser , causing a weight shift turn . With these adjusters you can trim one side of the wing to cancel out a lot of torque steer effect. Just like real paragliders use trim tabs on the risers
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