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I finally broke down, and bought the V2 beast with my birthday money. I overcame the inner prejudice in me against AS3X, and boy am I glad! Despite the cold weather and snow, the beast handled amazingly well! I was having trouble hovering it, though I think that's a relic of the cold air sapping my battery power. The KE flight is SOOOOOOOO good, personally I think the rudder control is vastly improved over the original. Perfect hammerhead on my first try. It's fast and the AS3X stability is really noticeably with the wind I have. Finally, spot-landed it within a foot of my mark, I had to shovel off my driveway and I only had a little landing zone. It flew all the way in, didn't tip-stall, and tapped down on the snowy pavement. This thing is a dream to fly!!!!

1 question to anyone that might know: because of the AS3X, can I make any mods? I wanted to make my own set of enclosing foam wheel pants, as the original profile ones have not improved any. Will the extra drag screw around with the stability?

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Does everybody's Beast V2 have a slight delay in the throttle. Mine reminds me of my wifes throttle-by-wire van. Its a very small delay but it is noticeable in flight,, more so when its in my hand.
Yes, I do notice it on mine. It's not major, but there is the slightest of delays especially wen pushing the throttle to the wall.
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