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Originally Posted by Royal air View Post
Honestly, uberlights are for beginners. But they need to have enough expirience to really take care of them. They are not for people who have had no expirience with a plane before. My uberlight transmitter does not have a sticky spot, my charger works fine, and the reason that hobbico didnt put carbon fibe landing gear on is because carbon fiber is brittle and has very little give, so under pressure on a hard landing it will break. My landing gear is level. I have hit my prop countless amounts of times and it has not broken. And yes the delecate frames and modules will break, just not very easy. Im sorry but it looks like you just got a model that wasnt as good. All kinds of models have variations on how they are built. Hobbico did a fantastic job on the uberlights.
Welcome to RC groups. I notice this is your first post and I'm glad all is well in your world with straight landing gear, unbreakable carbon fibre prop, reliable charger, smooth transmitter sticks, and the experience to really care for your plane. No doubt your experience in caring for your Uberlites has made you an authority as to whether Uberlites are for beginners or not. Many experienced flyers fly this type of plane because it is relaxing to fly or their indoor space is too small for anything of higher performance. I hope you have read this thread from the beginning and realize I am not alone in my criticism of the Uberlites. I'm happy for you that you got a good one, but for all you know, yours may be the exception and not the rule, or maybe Hobbico read my critical review and at least bumped up their quality control, making you one of the beneficiaries. Maybe you should be thanking me. Is your Uberlite your first R/C plane? Do you own a Night Vapor to compare it to? Have you done a cross country poll as to how good or bad the Uberlites are?

Concerning the Uberlite landing gear; the reason it is music wire and not carbon fibre is that the stiffer (and stronger) carbon fibre would snap the two thin and delicate "fuselage" frames (or the landing gear mounting point) of the Uberlite in a hard crash, so the compromise is springy music wire to take up the shock which causes the plane to nose over unless one makes a perfect three point landing. Carbon fibre is not brittle and has plenty of give - just go to your local fly fishing store to disprove the fact or look at a Night Vapor. The Night Vapor landing gear is carbon fibre and handles a lot of punishment without breaking, and landings are a breeze. If you don't already own a Night Vapor, I suggest you buy one and pit it against your Uberlites. We have three Night Vapors and they are all the same - great flyers and very robust for a half ounce plane. Owning a Night Vapor will also give you a more balanced perspective of the two planes.
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