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Originally Posted by Daryoon View Post
One of the difference between the Solo Pro/Bravo SX and the v911 despite using the same head/flybar design, is the pivot for the flybar. On the Nine Eagles heli, it's a pin.

On the v911, it's a screw. I think the tightness of the screw may be the cause of your TBE.

When I gave my new v911 a once over, I noticed that the flybar is free moving...but not free enough. If you guys haven't done enough modding, I don't think you guys understand how free the flybar has to move. Any binding, and it lags behind, causing TBE or more severe, causes the heli to veer off.

Given that the flybar is fixed in placed by a screw, I suspect each v911 will arrive with different tension on the flybar.

So take a moment to back off the screw just a tad. The flybar needs to teeter very, very, very, very, very freely.
So does a slow reacting flybar effectively increase the lag angle? Say from 45 deg to 50 deg? It's amazing the depth of physics and engineering that goes into these $50 'toys'.
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