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I already own a Night Vapor which is well made, functions flawlessly and can take a lot of abuse such as mid airs and unscheduled contact with gym walls and floors. I have not had a chance to fly my Uberlite bi-plane, but the mono-plane flies beautifully.....when it flies. It has better penetration when flying into a slight breeze than the Night Vapor when flying outdoors.

Minor crashes (that wouldn't phase the Night Vapor) can cause the Uberlite power pod to part company with the airframe and sometimes the battery to part company with the receiver, and when I put it back together the battery is dead.

The battery charger works intermittently depending on the mood it is in.

The delicate carbon fibre propeller was terribly out of balance causing the motor and gearbox the vibrate excessively. I lessened the vibration by putting scotch tape on the backside of the light blade.

The delicate prop broke after only a few minor impacts with the gym floor. The weakest point of the prop is right at the hub where it should be the strongest.

One of the struts on the bi-plane airframe is considerably longer than the other causing the plane to sit cocked off to one side when it is sitting on the floor on it's landing gear.

The landing gear should be carbon fibre like on the Night Vapor. The carbon fibre gear on the Night Vapor is stiffer than the spindly music wire gear on the Uberlites which is too springy and causes a lot of nose overs on landing unless one does it perfectly.

The rudder/elevator stick on the transmitter has a sticky spot when pushed all the way forward and to the right.

Fit and finish is not at the level of Parkzone or E-flite products.

I personally think Hobbico needs to re-think the Uberlites. I cannot in clear conscience recommend Uberlites, especially to beginners.
Honestly, uberlights are for beginners. But they need to have enough expirience to really take care of them. They are not for people who have had no expirience with a plane before. My uberlight transmitter does not have a sticky spot, my charger works fine, and the reason that hobbico didnt put carbon fibe landing gear on is because carbon fiber is brittle and has very little give, so under pressure on a hard landing it will break. My landing gear is level. I have hit my prop countless amounts of times and it has not broken. And yes the delecate frames and modules will break, just not very easy. Im sorry but it looks like you just got a model that wasnt as good. All kinds of models have variations on how they are built. Hobbico did a fantastic job on the uberlights.
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