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Originally Posted by Daryoon View Post
There is a dual rate indicator. It just isn't what you expected if you're familiar with how Nine Eagles does it.

Basically, there is a icon that shows the stick's range of motion. Move your aileron stick to it's'll see this icon graphically represent those movements.

Now, enable DR pressing the top left button on the TX. Do the same exercise as above by moving the aileron sticks to it's extremity. You'll see the same icon graphically showing that your servo does not have full range.
And to add some info on this. Every time you turn the Tx on, it defaults back to the low rate setting, even if you had changed it to the high rate before shutting it off.

As Daryoon said, the icons on the LCD that show the stick throw for the elevator, ailerons and yaw will show more bars (4 bars) with full stick when on high rate instead of 3 bars with full stick on low rate.

Just turn on your Tx without putting the battery into the V911 and play with the sticks and the dual rate button to see how the LCD icons change.
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