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Aurora 9 - Flap Con : Switch Reversal & ELE Activation Pos 0

Originally Posted by turboready View Post
Hi Alan, can you confirm this for me please, if it is so or not?
Are the switch positions in the Aurora 9 stock mixes like FLAP COND non changeable?
I do not see the switch position change option menu anywhere in FLAP COND.Thanks.
Switch positions are usually set at time switch is assigned.
Will not be able to test for at least another three hours, meantime following might assist:
Aurora 9 - Sailplane_Glider Flap Mixing - assign flap channel to a 3 position switch First (refer posts 208,209, 210 &211).
Hitec Aurora 9 Guide for DLG - Refer to the pictorial especially section 8
"Assign switches and switch positions to the flight modes.
Select the flight mode you want to modify then press the switch button that currently says "NULL".
On the next menu, press the SEL. button to choose your switch. Now you have to choose which position corresponds to the flight mode.
The flight mode you are working on is in the brackets:"

later 1:
The graph, as pictured, defaults curve to +100% in each direction.
Change the settings to -100% and reverse settings are obtained.

Alan T.

Later 2: Post #19907 added here to link all references to FAQ page.

Originally Posted by turboready View Post
Thanks Alan, I will try that later, I did do quite a lot of value changes before while looking at the Servo Monitor Screen
and only had an issue with ELE not being activated when the flaps were fully deployed in SW POS 0
Getting the flaps to work using FLAP COND is all well and good, direction and everything,
its just that the ELE wont activate in the SW being UP to me which is the OFF or 0 position in the A9
All I have to do to fix my issue is to change the SW position from 0 to 2, 1 will always be in the middle position, but I cant seem to do that.
It takes under a minute to activate FLAP COND, to assign it to a 3 position switch and to add ELE, just try it please and you will see.Thanks Alan.
Well I got it sorted out, thanks to Billy at Hitec, an amazing guy. I called explaining what I would like to do,
we tried using two radios to walk though this and we could not at first, we ended up back to where we started.
Billy asked me for some time so that he can try solving this with his
Not even 30min had passed, he calls me back, and asked me to go to the CHANNEL menu, make CH 5 FLAP as NULL
(you would think this is deactivating it) and then go back and look at the monitor.....Bravo it worked.
What that did, it released the "pivot point" of the ELE from being left on the graph to center
allowing you to place values which allows the FLAPS cross point to meet.
So now, I have my flaps on my E 3 POS SW.

UP towards me (2) NO FLAPS---------NO ELE
Center (1) HALF FLAPS------ ELE ADDED

You would have thought that placing NULL next to ch5 FLAPS would deactivate the FLAPS but it does not in FLAP CON.
Thanks Billy and hats off to Hitec for great customer service.
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