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Originally Posted by OVSS Boss View Post
Wow Radian, that is a pretty obtuthe statement when you know nothing about what went into the decisions about this ship. And speaking of Samba, I have no reason to doubt that Samba has reasons, very good ones, why this was done. I guess when biplanes went to monoplanes you would have said, "not me, only one wing..."

And we wonder why we are like we are!
Hi Marc,
Maybe I need to elaborate more as you seem to feel I did not think my response through.

We all know that Samba has their good reasons for doing this. Otherwise they would not be marketing it.

I'm sure we can list several of these good reasons. But as we do so we also need to keep in mind that any soaring plane design is a concession to compromise.

Let's quickly list some good reasons "why" for a 2 piece wing that I'm sure we can all more or less agree with:

Less parts to mfg and inventory.
Less labor to mfg.
Weight distribution more "centered" to improve moment of inertia response in all axis.
Easier to put a ballast box in that runs along the"tip to tip" axis to improve the planes moment of inertia response about the pitch axis when ballasted.

Heavier overall for same "strength"
More difficult to transport
More fore and aft flexibility necessitates the spar being stronger (heavier) in this axis.
Manufacturing scrap costs "can" be higher. (scrap a panel, loose 1/2 a wing)

If we consider a 3 piece wing:
Lighter overall weight for same strength
Easier transport.
More potential to market "improvement parts" later in the product's life. (can we say extended tips? or "Heavier/stronger center panel for high wind launching?)

More difficult to design with ballast box in wing.
More parts to produce and inventory.
More "work" involved in manufacturing.

As a customer, I would prefer my concessions to compromise towards lighter overall for the same strength and easier to transport. I like also to know that if I damage a panel to the point of replacement, it should be less costly to buy a smaller panel then 1/2 the wing.

I'm sure many will appreciate this new Samba product and it will no doubt be a fine plane. I really like the looks of it and I think the design points of the fuselage look very good. I just am not in the market for any 3.4+ meter plane with two piece wings. I will have to continue to be happy with my Pike Perfect.


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