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Flying with trash in Florida

Quick report from Florida... I am on a trip and Miami Mike was gracious enough to invite me to fly with his crowd at two slope locations on Sat.. I did not have room to bring a plane w/ me but had many offers to fly others planes.(something I generally don't do as a rule). Egras 14 basically wouldn't take no for an answer so I did end up getting some stick time after all, thanks man...Mike offered up his bandit but I could just see the motherload of all eggbeaters ending up in an airframe failure and my name being mud here (not that it already isn't) so I respectufully declined.. The first location we flew at was a very nice park with a small slope.. It was a foggy morning, low clouds and very little wind so only the light stuff was doing any good but this is a good group of guys and a good location, I hope they get to keep it.. No bickering or ego problems with this crowd..This was a pleasant change from what I'm used to at my club in PA....Then we went to the BIG landfill in Broward county... This is when I realized how hard core these guys are. The landfill is active and you must fight your way up it in your vehicle avoiding bulldozers, semi tractor trailers , huge rats,(I mean ruts), and rebar sticking up..Upon reaching the summit, you are greeted by giant methane gas vent tubes and more bulldozers.. The indigents are busy picking through the garbage and I was shocked and appaulled when Miami Mike told me that as a form of entertainment they buzz the trash pickers!... .. Unfortunately, the wind was not very strong but some good flying was still to be had and I was happy I made the 2 hour trip over from Naples. If I hadn't fried myself in the sun the previous two days, I would have stayed longer but I had to cut it short because of the sunburn. There are some good pilots in this group and everyone was friendly and relaxed, I had a great time.
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