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Originally Posted by FAI_guy View Post
Also the 2012 rules show seven scoring criteria, not eight as Jürgen writes. All competitors received the 2012 rules but, clearly, many music pieces were inadequate, usually because of a severe unbalance between the slow and the fast parts of the music. ...
FAI guy
Nitpicking? Please note the "huge" difference between the 2011 and 2012 F6B judging criteria :

Judging criteria:


Excecution precision -> max. score = 10
Use of the full range of the flight envelope -> max. score = 2
Versatility -> maxc. score = 8

Artistic Quality

Synchronisation with music -> max. score = 14
Pleasing and continuous flow of figures -> max. score = 8
Contrasting periods -> max. score = 10

Overall artistic design

Flight schedule design & proper combination with music choice -> max. score = 8

Compared to the "Technique" (max. score = 20) and "Artistic Quality" (max. score = 32), "Overall artistic design" only adds a maximum of 8 to the score.

Pilots may focus more on F3P-AM, because these competitions are flown several times per year. How often do they get to fly in an F6B competition?

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