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Originally Posted by WiseDuck View Post
I'm getting a bit tired of how much my quad wobbles, the GoPro footage doesn't look that nice. Now, to be fair it was very windy today, I had to fight the wind a lot but it wobbles when hovering too. Motors are alright, props should be balanced (I'll check again with a proper magnetic balancer, gonna order that and many other things next week.) and so on. How did you add the BMA020, where did you buy it and where did you place it on your frame?
Same sort of , balanced my motors , balanced my props , recalibrated etc etc etc i can get into a "hover "no problem but the quad shakes like a drug addict who hasnt had his fix, i understand that it is more than likely the pid settings but i have been up and down the values from 3.0 to 5.0 systematically step by step by step, every now and again the copter will just flip which is annoying. Ive ordered another magnetic balancer just in case but i know that its not the props , ive just put 20 5x3 props in the spares "bin" all new as they are so far out of balance it is unreal another waste of money thanks hobbyking, i know that it is all a "work in progress" but it is becoming slightly tedious lol.
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