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Originally Posted by CN I Dawg View Post
This large cap should not hurt radio BUT if you have continuing brown outs you need to understand why. Also, this is for 3S voltage and the cap will stay charged after you turn off power. The cap will only protect against minor, instantaneous voltage drops not an over all low voltage problem. In other words, it should not be necessary to use a large cap to get your system operating properly. I use Castle ICE ESC cuz they are the only ones with 5A BEC. Also, they are programmable. You can set the servo/Rx voltage to 5.5 volts and never suffer any low voltage issues. I'm sure others have advice for you. This is just my opinion.
thanks for the tip mate. well i am not sure that CAP is good for my set up. i dont know much about these things, but i think it freaked out my FY21ap. i plugged it into the uhf rx and the uhf rx worked fine in flight, but when activating rth on fy21ap, the plane went into "rtgafac" mode (return to ground as fast as can mode.. otherwise known as ahhh fac..)

the video signal dropped beyond visibility (dont know if that was related or a VTX issue) and the plane was headed directly towards the ground. luckily i had enough time to take control via LOS. note, plane had been flying very well lately with only very minor and very occasional micro brown out.

dam thing is i only saw your comments after the flight, so i guess it has to do with the fact that its a 12v and not a 5 or 6v?

anyway.. i didn't bother doing any more testing this morning, i just pulled out number 2 SW and put her in the air without a Cap.. had a nice flight too.. until the rain came in.. ;-(
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