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Hi! This is my first post to whole forum!
First thanks active discussion and "movements" to also support these goodluckbuy boards. I am now been really active (too active= a lot of sleepless nights to building own too cheap multicopters)

My goal is to silming multiheli. I had first quads and now I ve been flying Y6 about 70 cm moto to moto) first with kk board "blackboard what it ever is bought from ebay" now I assembled and thanks for this forum and multiwii faq Iīve been flying Y6 succesfully with CRIUS SE Standard board. It is here winter. So first Ive noticed You need to stay in flying temperature 5-10 minutes, before calibrate board.

I ve been now flying with only magnetometer assembled. I ogt aluminium frame and motormounts, apc props, cheap birdie 30a escīs and really beaten turnigy park 450 motorīs.

Now I am waiting more props.. because tried to undrstand pid settings (new things for me ). I got few questions to expericed multiwii flyiers and developers:

1. Some safe pid settings? if there is: to get goot tail hold for Y6 (it is quit good already, but sometimes it surprices me in narrow places), but still good flying
2. Can I use accelemeter in Hexa and Y6? Does it give me any better performance?
3. Barometer on SE board in 6 motor flying? Do it work? Anyone have experience? If it even bit windy and now winter here? do the board sensors work. what i need to disable in windy conditions.
4. What products You recommend to add to the board to get better and more trust for flying (gps etc.) sensors?heh. and also 2 ghz transmitters and resievers to filmer when we add 2 and latewr 3 axial cameramount to my multihelis?
5 Is Multiwii really tight what motors and escīs You use. I just fly and try not to be inside too much inside tuning building, updating and reading updates etc ? Is multiwii wrong thing for me??

Thanks if someone bother to anwer to me even some meaby stupid questions.

here my only videos iīve pupbliched to vimeo yet. these are filmed with contour and nikon and kk board. made by just from testflights, with out any kameramount with stabilation. Iīll add soon multiwii stuff also, Now my Multiwii is bit better with tailhold, but last week was just bit too "geek" for me to learn multiwii world so sorry meaby partly stupid questions and now editing programs of cource bugging. hehe:

here is my " normal " videoaccount, Iīve done without heliclips in past, with for example video:

Ticket to Liquid Force 2011 Ride (3 min 27 sec)
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