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Originally Posted by gitcho View Post
lol - yeah, i know ... was being bit of a sarcastic jerk - sorry =)

I really should be thankful that I can help others feel better about themselves. Here's my recent list of accomplishments:
  • crashed trex 550 FBL with SK720 twice (batt ran out) .. broke main frame, skids, tail fin & main blades
  • countless easystar crashes, incl 50-60 ft up in separate neighbour's trees
  • spent a month putting it back together only to crash less than 4 seconds after launch 20ft up into the *only* street lamp pole in the area (my youngest boy enjoyed the view through the goggles)
  • reversed polarity on pretty much every piece of electronics I own: fried video out & usb connector on my gopro ...
  • fried my lawmate 1.2 ghz 1w vtx ...
  • fried a dragon OSD v2 ...
  • fried current sensor on my RVOSD5 ....
  • fried both GPS and baro sensor ...
  • fried *something* on my hi-res sony fpv cam so the colors are funny now ...
I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things ... All this, and I've only had 1 successful FPV flight ...

It's OK though ... I've attached a picture that I think accurately represents my new found purpose in RC.

really not bitter ... trying hard to laugh at myself ... really trying ...
When I started in RC, 30 years back from now, I soon started with helicopteres. I was the first guy in our club doing that and was young and a wee bit careless. Well, I stopped counting crashes after #50. I haven't given up though and I learned a couple of lessons. But I'm still lazy or unconcentrated at times. So mishaps are no more so frequent but its still enough to once have burnt a whole plane which catched fire after I connected the ESC the wrong way last year, and some crashes also happened because of stupidities like i.e. replacing the aileron servo with another type without checking that it turns the same way round.....

So, you are not alone.

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