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Originally Posted by v8truckin View Post
What's so special about the wemo mini fan that gives it more thrust than the stock freewing, besides the wemo being 5 blade the look the same. Is it the wemos pitch? Or motor?
Similar yes but the fan foil, pitch and blade count, stock is 6 blades wemo is 5, all differ. They're also not of the same materials so the copies start to deform sooner at higher rpms. Even closer Wemo copies just don't seem to get the same numbers, though some are close.

The Het motors 2W18 and 2W25 are tried and true motor well tuned for a Mini. so the combination of them and the counter rotating fans would be a good experiment but to match will likely need a motor with slightly higher KV to get the lower pitch to match the thrust. This will however use up more amps trying to match in my estimation.
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