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I've been good, building my zII right now actually getting ready for the FL meet.

To hook up the RVOSD and DL,

Hook your 12v to the OSD how you choose.
You need to have a ubec power source for the DLrx. the RVOSD does not power it.
What I did since my power in central and my DL is remotely located way out on the wing I plug the UBEC in an open "port" on the osd. I used ppm2 input since I used ppm for control. You just need to run 4 wires from the osd to the DLrx. Since the ubec in powering the "control channel rail" on the osd it will power the servos and rx from the osd. From the DLrx to the osd you will need (if using ppm) red and black (12v power)signal wire (ppm) and rssi wire. This should take care of the wiring side.

Now the programming side.
Power everything up. 12v to the osd and power to the ubec that is plugged into ppm2.

Using you tv remote thingy access the menu.
enable the reciever
enable ppm combined.
Go into the ppm config menu and move the sticks on the rc remote. you should see the numbers move. Move you 3 pos switch and see which numbers move. you will change the assignedment in the osd to aux for this output.
Save config.
Now continue the rest of the setup (hooking up control surfaces and run rc wizard).

Not sure if you have any messaging programs but if you need me to talk you through it I can.
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