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Originally Posted by topgearuk View Post
Thanks for your reply, It does help a bit, I understand about cell voltage being very close when not using you MPA.. This is what I do now.. And I always make sure my batteries are normally with-in 0.1v..
But the impression I got was if using your MPA it would limit the max cross flow between batteries to 1A anyway?? or have I got that wrong?

Good question. The MPA will limit the flow of current on the balance wires to 1A, but as soon as you connect the main pack leads together, the current flow is only limited by the internal resistance of the batteries (which is very low, and varies from chemistry-to-chemistry). There is no other protection, thermal fuse or otherwise on your main pack leads. Current always chooses the path of least resistance.

So this is why the MPA will protect all of the balance wires, and your main pack wires will always be able to handle many times the current surge while the paralleled packs equalize. So the only remaining question is, how well can your LiPos tolerate, e.g., 5C or 10C charge for 1-3 minutes. I think most good quality LiPo these days won't break a sweat on it. So it's likely peoples' concern over this topic is over-stated, IMO.

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