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Tossing planes into the snow
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Originally Posted by botulism View Post
Jvx, that's a brilliant idea! I'm going to do the same thing. While testing out or fitting a radio in my models, I use the rubber band method (large rubber band stretched from the handle in the back, under the tx, to hold down the throttle stick). But the throttle hold toggle switch is a fine idea.

BTW, I also had a nasty accident with a 450 size helicopter. It was on a stand (a camera tripod) and I was spinning it up testing it. It started to lift the tripod off the ground by about 6 inches-1 foot, so I grabbed the tripod with my right hand, while chopping the throttle with my left. Ooops. Hello, emergency room.

That's partially the reason I don't fly helis any more (that and having to spend $20-100 for replacement parts every time I flew).

What makes me laugh and cry at the same time, is that there is already a throttle hold toggle on the DX6i. Then they programmed it so it would only work in heli mode. Why????? There is a throttle-cut push-button switch that works for fuel powered planes, but for electric, it only works if you are pressing it. That is the one I replaced with a toggle. Easy mod and well worth it.

My 450 mistake was even more stooopid. I was fiddling with reversing the servos to get the collective to work properly. I accidentally reversed the throttle servo while it was sitting on my living room floor. It started winding up faster and faster and I could see that the helicopter and most of the furniture were about to be destroyed. I didn't think about using the throttle hold switch or pushing the throttle to max to cut it off. I decided to just jump on it and make it stop before it wrecked the place. I ended up with 3 big welts on my arm and one on my knee that took weeks to heal. Blood was spilled onto the living-room carpet, and the helicopter was trashed, but the furniture was saved.
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