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Originally Posted by Jovanx View Post
I totally appreciate the warning Sonny. I made a stupid mistake with a 450 helicopter once. The scars have healed, but the memory will never go away. On the other hand, people are maimed and killed in cars every day, and we still drive. I replaced the push-button throttle cut on my DX6i with a toggle, for the very reason of avoiding what happened to you. Now I know that while putting on my neck-strap, or zipping up my coat or whatever, the prop is not going to start spinning all of a sudden.

I work for this big mining company and their safety policy is beyond ridiculous. Their motto is "All accidents are preventable" I don't believe this is true. Even if you stayed in bed all day, you could still end up with bed sores. Anyway, thanks again for the warning. Hand-catching is not something I do every day, nor do I do it in a casual way.
I'm glad you didn't take my concern the wrong way; thank you, I wasn't out to anger anyone. I've been in AMA since the early 60's, and I am a firm believer and proponent of their safety code. The RP is one of the planes that a beginning RC pilot might be flying, and I've seen posts from several newbies on this thread. I sincerely hope that those newbies would take my warnings to heart and consider safety to be one of the most important aspects of the sport, and that prop strikes can and do mangle and cause permanent injury.

As a child I witnessed a glow powered plane with a .35 size motor strike a friend of my father's in the face at full throttle. He nearly lost his sight, endured months of plastic surgery, and was physically and emotionally scarred for life; he never returned to modeling. Those of us who've been around the sport for awhile need to remember that we are examples to the newbies, and if we try something the new guys are likely to follow our example and give it a go themselves. A "don't try this at home" warning about certain activities should be SOP for us old(er) more experienced guys.

Have fun, but be aware of the dangers so it will stay fun!

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