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Originally Posted by PeteFliesBy View Post
Hi Kiwi. I don't actually have a radjet but a skyfun-think it's s bit bigger than the radjet and can take more weight. I would have thought that you'd lose too much rpm with a 6x4 prop powered by a 4s 3200kv motor, compared to say a 4.7x4.7, which would have a much higher rpm.
Thanks Pete. done a bit more home work so getting the hang of the motor / prop thing I think. So how would I tell what's going to go faster? The 3200kv with 5s and say 4.7x4.7 or the 2350kv on 4s and 6x4? Is there any set formula or is it a after of experimenting?

Originally Posted by nogas View Post
I have the 2836 2350 in my radjet and while i have only tried it on 3S i am pretty confident that it will blow your mind on 4S.
and cheers nogas good to know. Pretty sure I'll run your setup as it seems pretty popular

on the crazier side anyone got near 300k/hr out of these? Any suggestions to get one there?

thanks guys
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