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Thank you for your response, at least I can make some sense of it now and will pay more attention to this irregularity in future builds. I highly doubt that anyone will be calling me out on the rib spacing on this one though (besides you that is), considering most people haven't even heard of this plane let alone know what it looks like. This touches on a debate I had with a carving friend of mine. I stated that airplanes were not designed around how they looked but whether they worked or not, he asserts that throughout history all things manmade were asthetically driven somehow. Your information supports my argument, function was the driving force and form had no real bearing on the finished design.

Matt and I actually had a conversation today about covering the Chiribiri. The topic of what the warping would do to the covering came up but I hadn't thought about what the covering would do to the warp. I suppose since the model is designed for three channel operation with dihedral any roll authority is a plus so I shouldn't be too concerned. He also thought something lightweight would work considering how slow the model will most likely (hopefully) fly.

If I ditch the idea of making the rigging adjustable I may go with a hitch pin setup at the hard points, this avoids having to stretch the rigging to get it in place. I'm just not confident in my abilities to get the wing set up properly without adjustable rigging so I'm still mulling it over.

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