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Tossing planes into the snow
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I've got this cold-weather thing figgered. I regularly fly in temperatures as low as -15C and have found that if you take a warm battery out of your pocket and put it in a plane where it is inside the fuselage, and the vent-holes are covered, it works almost as long as it does in the summer. With planes like the UM Corsair it is a different story. I realized I needed to make a foam battery tray that would keep it warm.

What I ended up with not only keeps it warm, it is just so handy. No more velcro or tape. The battery slides in and doesn't move, and changing batteries is so easy. The picture shows a 200 mah battery slid all the way in, and it is solid and warm. The "tray" is made of dinner-plate depron, held on by fiberglass tape. It worked so well, that I did a better job on my UM P51 Mustang, with glue instead of tape.

The only thing that I am worried about is what will happen when summer comes. Will the battery overheat? We'll see...
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