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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
Finally a nice day for flying! (after a 10 day break almost). So out went the Meteor with its retracts mod....
I only used 4S for these tests.

Roll axis response is excellent.... but the pitch axis (elevator, for UP at least), is terrible really. Unacceptable.
Peter, any way you could mix elevator to ailerons?
I posted this end of summer, page 88:

Originally Posted by robusp View Post
I was flying my planes yesterday in pretty heavy wind.
On some i had to use spoilers to avoid forcing them down. I tried the same with meteor and the effect was opposite: ailerons in up position worked like elevons. This gave me an idea for better elevator authority. I put a mix of elevator to ailerons and now at full speed I can do a loop almost as small as with my extra.
And this applies to inverted too, which until now was scary and done at 5 miles up.
Another thing worked is harrier and almost a hover and I am using a brick for a battery. (4s 5000 mAh turnigy)
While I was in programming mode I added to my throttle kill switch (mix 1) full spoilers and full down elevator to cut down on landing roll. Once I touch the runway I flick my mix switch and plane stops rolling in about 15-20 feet.
I also put front gear servo on gear channel, separated from rudder, but mixed with it so I can trim both independently.
I put on the plane 8 flights since and love it.
Originally Posted by robusp View Post
You will be surprised how much difference elevons mix makes. If you got your elevator maxed out you are getting less than half of what it will do with elevons.

You will get more thrill and rush with out getting more speed, which means expense: more cells and different power plant.

Also try my slowing down mix. I don't use it every time, but when there is no room it's huge help. I can land now in places where I flew my prop planes only.
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