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Finally a nice day for flying! (after a 10 day break almost). So out went the Meteor with its retracts mod....
I only used 4S for these tests.

First flights were off the concrete cricket pitch runway, and landing on grass - at high speed. I need to work out how to land with a bit more angle of attack to slow the touchdowns down a bit! But it is all fine anyway.

The next flight I took off from the "somewhat short mown grass" and it took a LONG time to get to speed, due to the drag of the grass. I was on full up elevator from after about 10 metres or so, when it was looking that it could be fast enough to lift-off.... but it wasn't. It went from one edge of the football oval, to past the middle (cricket pitch) before it began to finally lift-off!!! And at that low relative speed it took a bit more in the air before it could actually climb out.... to climb steep enough to clear the trees surrounding the oval on the other side!!
I guess it looked good.. sort of!!!
"Is it going to make it??.... pull up... pull up..." and then it soared upwards at 45 deg or more, just in time to clear the face of the treeline!!

"Retracts up".... well at least it looks a lot better then. Speed-wise I couldn't really tell any difference. Maybe it is X kph faster, but probably only single digits. The biggest benefit is NOT seeing the landing gear sticking out all the time!! So that made it all worth it.

I didn't get to do a 5S test.... I forgot!!
I was also wary after the last flight, because I came out of a "reverse Immelman" (is there such a thing?). eg Start quite high up (50m?) and roll over to inverted and then do a half loop down to a lowish level flight. Except as it gained speed coming downwards it didn't want to rotate rapidly enough, seeing the UP elevator is limited (even with the mod for maximum travel possible)!! I was holding full up, predicting the arc size, and praying it was going to reach level flight before the ground!! Plus there is a treeline in between it and me, so I needed 10m, or so, height to clear those too.
It JUST made it !! It is not much fun when you run out of control and have to just pray! It could very well have been a spectacular and fatal ending fo rthe Metoer really!

So I decided to pack it away, for its next Mod.... shifting to twin elevator servos, mounted each side of the rear fuselage. I might even mount them on the top side area, so they are using PULL for up elevator.

But if I had actually remembered the 5S tests I would have done those too. BAH. It probably would get up to a decent speed on the grass much quicker with 5S.

Roll axis response is excellent.... but the pitch axis (elevator, for UP at least), is terrible really. Unacceptable.
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