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Originally Posted by jesolins View Post
Hi J,
--Are you disconnecting the ch5 before flight?
--The ESC should be set per Mega Index ESC section --TIP 4: Set the standard ESCs for brake and governor mode off, LVC off if available, start = normal, soft cut-off, NiMh, low voltage. The throttle calibration should be done as well. The ESC settings are accomplished by connecting the ESCs individually to the throttle channel on your Rx. You then need to use the ESC instructions for your particular ESCs to move the throttle stick up and down to set with the beeps you hear. Some ESCs use a card to do this too which is much easier and quicker.

Don't use any endpoint or other settings you used for your Gaui. Leave them alone after you have done the Tc/Rx calibration with the default settings.
Quadrocopter and Tricopter Mega Link Index
oops again.. i did not disconnected physically the CH5. Just flipped the CH5 switch off. i'll try to disconnect it...

The quad came ARTF from GLB and was "prewired" with the 20A esc's and motors connected to a power distri board, so i assumed the esc's where set.

Flat battery now, so i can not test before it's charged
i try your suggested esc setting tomorrow.

that megaindex is a goldmine! never took the time to scroll to the first post on page 4 ; there is all the info!! (stupid me)

have to go to bed now.
thx a lot guy's
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