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Check your frame for neutral stability. Do this: Set your Tx trims to zero in yaw. Check that yaw trim is zero in the ZN setup. Use the PID setup application and set "1" in the yaw P. Do several one second barely hover "hops" and see if it always tries to yaw in one direction. If it does your motor tilt needs to be adjusted to negate this dynamic yaw and get to neutral stability. Sometimes it is only a hair of a change in tilt in the proper directions on the motor axis' that speed up to yaw in the weak yaw direction. It is a setup procedure that should be accomplished correctly and periodically checked especially after a "hard-landing" in order to get the best heading hold and yaw performance out of multicopters. Be sure to reset the yaw "P" value when you are finished. An indicator of bad mechanical dynamic neutral stability is weak yaw response in one direction and both motors on one axis being hotter than the other axis.
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Hey, it worked!!! The rudder is not as aggressive as I am used from KK boards but at least I can fly now. I used PID for 500 mm quad and I changed P Yaw to 50 and D to 0, Stick to 20. Maybe future FW versions could have more aggressive rudder, for me this is lazy.

This quad is good for slow flying for AP/AV. Overall, it's very stable. I tried acro mode and when I was messing around it and it suddenly fell out of the sky. Fortunatelly only props broken, but I would not try acro mode again.

The video is shot today and it was just before the snow storm, there was a very strong wind.

DIY Quadrocopter with Free Flight FF Auto Balance Controller (2 min 55 sec)

Now, I am going to mount my DIY 2-axis gimbal and try how it works with this board.
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