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Originally Posted by nitro_star View Post
what about the 35mm edf's from hobbyking? Are they not hobby grade?
Well, they are not 30mm and they are not BNF or TX ready. They would be HG (after you install all the HG components!) I think they made a mistake when they made them from EPO foam which is heavy and has (bumpy texture or big bead texture). I don't think EPO foam and UM scale planes are a good combination. The HK planes look interesting but are basically ARF and you must supply the rx, lipo, balance charger, assembly, setup time which includes CG balancing, lipo, RX mount and placement etc! Also the 2 HK 35mm planes I saw are twins and I don't like twin EDF for a couple of reasons..battery life and weight being the major problem then couple that with heavy EPO foam...

If the HK planes came BNF or TX-R and had a little smaller Fan then yea they would be in the same class but I can't help but think there is a reason they are at HK. Generally, HK planes are not high end or high Q planes but are a cheaper alternative in most cases but like I said the HK planes are 35mm and that is just not the same. A few years ago there were few members in the 30mm EDF club..35mm is not allowed in that club and is a different category as far as I can tell.

In the FA\18 Video I posted, The plane has a single EDF fan and motor even though the real plane has twin engines. Trust me when I say you do not want a twin EDF plane and especially a UM twin EDF! They require a very high Q lipo with a high "C" rating. The added weight of the extra engine and ESC, larger lipo, wiring offsets any real power gain in most cases. When it comes to EDF, even a few gram can affect performance and flight time. EPO foam in a EDF? Forget about it!

Looks to me like Electrifly considererd all these factors with the F85 Sabre. Should be a decent performer. And its all setup and ready to go with matched componats and a radio system that can work with most any 2.4ghz TX out there including the DX-6!

SpektrumŽ DX6/6i, Dx7...These are some of the TX that are compatible with the Sabre rx.( a plug in module is required) Plugs into the trainer port of most TX. List price is around $25 for the module.
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