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With 6Mhz per channel, obviously at 50Mhz band, you eat the whole band with one channel.
Note that VHF broadcast TV has channels at 54Mhz, 60Mhz, 66Mhz 76Mhz and 82Mhz.
Some have been repurposed to DTV.
UHF band broadcast TV has channels starting a 470Mhz, running up to 884.
Also repurposed for DTV, which has opened a lot of space between channels, but not
where we can play.

There are amateur TV frequencies between 420Mhz and 450Mhz, but they overlap
with each other, and of course overlap with the 433Mhz control band we use.
As Alex says, the gear is hard to find (usually made, not sold).

From a practical standpoint, it's a lot easier to provide sharp edged band pass filtering
at higher frequencies than low, which is why higher frequencies tend to
provide better quality video.

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