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Originally Posted by yarrumevets View Post
Page 1 says 72 mm in a list of specifications.
Page 6 has a section titled "Center of Gravity (C.G.)" and has a plan-form photograph showing the CoG being 72 mm rearward of the leading edge at the root (which is a completely conventional way of indicating it of course). So, I don't know which manual your buddy was looking at.

I've decided to make some mods to mine - I've removed all the LEDs and wiring which was 20 g (almost 3/4 oz) but I'm also going to remove the flaps (servos, control linkages, horns and wiring). The reason being that I just want to lower the wing-loading as my flying skills are not quite up to to the stock configuration. I'd like to stress that I'm not criticising the stock setup, it's just that my landings are more often heavy arrivals in the last couple of feet - I never quite get to flair before it drops to the strip. It's more about my unsophisticated flying than anything else. As much as I don't want to say so, I've been flying a certain "competitor's" T-28 for over a year which is almost exactly the same size and it is a gem to land and it makes me look a much better pilot than I really am. I essentially want that plane with retracts, so I'm going to try and make the Durafly T-28 be that.
Many thanks for the reply ..... maybe I misunderstood him but he didn't know the C of G ...... I'll remind him to check and let me know how it looks against the instructions ......
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