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Originally Posted by North_of_49 View Post
Yup, I understand all that and made it perfectly clear I just want to see what my own experience with this will be and that I'm not recommending my practices to anyone... and will report my findings as time goes on whether they are positive or negative. And I did say just because I haven't experienced anything negative yet doesn't mean it's not coming... but also that I have at this point already got what I personally consider to be an acceptable amount of flights out of my lipos compared to what they cost me if they were to go south on me from this point on.

I want to paraphrase something I said and make it clear that I'm not suggesting people here in this forum are OCD'ing about the lipo maintenance for no good reason, but that excessive OCDing about things that aren't always universally true in other forums I spend time in is what motivated ME to put certain things to the test here in this one... to be clear, I am aware of the consequences others have experienced, and I'm also willing to accept those consequences should I eventually experience them myself to satisfy my curiosity... I'm not suggesting someone else should be willing to accept them too.

Again, some people's reported negative experiences are obviously valid ones and it would be wise for others to take those into consideration... and I'm in no way trying to tell anyone they should disregard that or that they should follow my practices if they aren't willing to accept the possible negative results... that isn't the purpose of my posting my experiences so far.
Well said. I got myself in a bit of a trouble in another thread, saying the similar things you said. I got a lot of resistance to say the least. Partly, because I am not as eloquent as you are. Too bad, you live No of 49. Otherwise, I would ask you, "Are you running for President?" I'd vote for you!
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