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Thanks Herb,

On my dolly I didn't want to do major surgery to reconstruct the dolly area. So I used JB Weld to secure some bolts that I cut the heads off of into brass tubes. Then I just screwed the tubes into the provided blind nuts in the fuse.

I trimmed the brass flush and if needed I could extract the tubes later by unscrewing them.

Then I created the pins for the dolly by cutting the heads off some stainless bolts so I had long smooth shafts to recess into the brass tubes.

Everything lined up by using the factory holes/fittings.

I use a little spurt of graphite lube like they use for Pine Wood Derby cars to keep everything well lubricated and it works perfectly.

The 163 has won me a few gift certificates but the events I fly it at are simple pilots choice judging. No heavy scale judging. People love to see it fly and they gravitate to it.

I've really enjoyed your builds. Keep up posting the great work!!

BTW, nothing wrong with silly pilots !!! I have a Hurricane with a one legged flight pilot named Ponseby Brit OBE and Col Klink in a FW-190 complete with monocle !! Alas, the Col never flew 190's I believe he flew a Heinkel before ending up at the Stalag. Interestingly, he and Hogan did fly together in a P-51 in one episode.

Here are some silly links for the above pilots...

Put this in the Youtube search... I don't want to clog up things here.

Hogan's Heroes: Easy Come, Easy Go (Part 3)

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