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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your post and all the info you provided !

I had in fact located that wonderful Dutch Me-163 web site a couple of weeks ago, and had seen your youtube video as well. It looks like a very nice flyer !

I am still waiting for the servos, motor, props and a few other little things so I have not done any serious work on the Me-163.

I've thought a bit about various dolly solutions, I have some experience myself with EDF dollys (JePe F-16) and I found out it's better if it's 100% foolproof - otherwise it will scrape you model badly ...

So there will be, most likely, a very solid "shoe" for the dolly, a bit like the original one, with fairly long and thick vertical steel alignment pins front and aft of the actual gear mount. I think it will be ok if it just gravity-drops by itself.

Regarding the color scheme, I think it will end up a bit fantasy, as I intend a) to use the decals I have and b) pick a scheme that's interesting, having found out at the same time that Me-163 Wk. No. 191904 was repainted god knows how many time, with the final scheme at Berlin-Gatow having nothing to do with original paint job ...

Also my cockpit and pilot so far are complete fantasy, I found later Me-163 pilot pictures were they wear the C/T-Stoff resistant brown suit ...

Mine instead will be totally silly, with Galland at the controls (he never flew the Me-163B).
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