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Ahh, that will be a fun and exhilarating ride! When I was a member of the Lotus Owner's Club, there were lots of Lotus Sevens from series I - IV. There were also lots of Caterhams and Birkins. Birkin was a South African manufacturer of the Seven. The Birkins were sold as turnkey cars and used different variations of a modern Ford engine. Some of them were crazy fast. I believe Caterham is the only one left who still manufacture the Seven. Over here there were also several engine options for the Caterham and if you were a racer, you could get all your heart desired. BTW, I love the BRG livery. It is timeless.

In the old days, you could buy your Lotus in the UK as a "component car" to escape VAT. Over here they were all factory assembled and shipped over unless you bought a gray market kit. Your father will probably remember the Europa and maybe the Type 47. Just a few years ago I had one of each. The 47 was a limited edition (55 built) race car version of the Europa. It was powered with a twin cam Cosworth engine and a Hewland gear box. Some even competed at LeMans! They are very rare and valuable. Most don't change hands often.

When I was a teenager, there was a Ferrari Dino and a Europa Twin Cam in my town. Motor Trend or Road and Track Magazine did a story on mid engine sports cars when I was in high school back in the 70s and it featured the Dino, Europa, Porsche 914, Maserati Bora and even the Fiat X 1/9. Of course that 246 Dino was my dream car but in the late 80s when I had some money, they were out of my reach. I remembered the Europa and found one. I spent lot of money and about 1.5 years restoring it. It had a Gordini cross-flow hemi engine with two side-draft Weber Carbs. I raced it for a couple of years in SCCA and Historic racing events. The Gordini was a 4-cylinder, not a big bad Chrysler Hemi from the 70s. That car was 1500lbs and only 39-inches tall at the roof. The roofline hit me right at the belt. My 47 was a dream car that I actually sold for a nice profit. It was a confidential sale and that's all I can say about that. The two Esprits were fun but boring compared to the two others.
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