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The nice thing is the low amps to get that number.
That's what surprised me. I'm pullin' that much in my F-100 on 4s makin' 700-800w.
I think it's the short, straight shot ducting.

Are you using servos to actuate them or fishing line and spring hinge? I would like to see more detailed shots of what you’re thinking if possible.
I'm putting a servo on each door and using this gear door sequencer.
It's really cool (& cheap). And for $3 bucks a servo, rigging up springs and pull strings seems like a lot of work.
The sequencer is almost a must on my Coug though, 'cause the inboard main gear doors are taller than the LG and have to close before it can land.
These are the hinges I used. Along with these horns to attach the push rod.
Like you I also ordered these too. But they are huge. Too big for my plane.

I'm prepping for painting now but I'll get some shots of my set up as soon as I can.
In the mean time, look through some of the pics 90mm composite jet build threads in the ARF EDF section. I picked up a bunch of ideas there.

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