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Just thought I'd post something that I found pretty absurd. Watch this video 8:04-12:04.
AMA & FAA Discussion Forum Chapter 4 of 6 (13 min 43 sec)

Firstly I want to take the AMA out of the discussion topic entirely. Now...

I think its pretty messed up that any organization can lobby to get
exceptions to FAA laws and regulation then turn around and sell those
exceptions for profit. It's like legalized bribery, I'll pay you $XXX so that I can
get in on the deal you made with the government to ignore these laws.

Yes, yes, I realize that any "organization" can get their own standards
passed. But it would require significant time and money to make that happen
and all that effort would be just so you didn't have to buy someone else's
exceptions. And only one extremely large organization, which is not part of
the discussion topic at hand, has actually started to work with the FAA to get
a set of alternate standards (that fact was mentioned sometime in the video

Any thoughts guys?

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